Blaine Black

I have always loved to create. I find sculpting very fulfilling and an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Although I started sculpting for personal satisfaction, I have come to find it very rewarding when one of my creations brings joy to another. My goals now include producing work that is uplifting as well as beautiful.

I appreciate the permanent nature of bronze. Capturing a moment in time   and motion in a stationary form is a challenge that I find appealing. I also enjoy the patina process; it is an important aspect of my work. The patina must have depth, beauty and enhance the form.

I work most often in a style that allows me to blend my love of nature and God’s creations with my own freestyle abstract visions. I try to capture the essence of my subjects rather than duplicating the details. To me a successful piece keeps your eye moving and exploring the artwork. It produces positive emotions and has a feeling of movement. I see my hummingbird hovering in its floral surroundings as I look at it. If I can do that with my art, then I feel I have been successful.

Tree Frog
Tree Frog