Chris Martinez

The Editorial style of Chris Martinez comes from his childhood, with memories of 4x5 Speed Graphic cameras, mixing chemistry, and spooling film.  You see, Chris is a third generation photojournalist.  Chris would take great pleasure accompanying both his maternal grandfather and father on assignments for Hearst’s Los Angeles publications from the late 50’s through 1967 where he would earn his first by-line at the age of 15.

Chris then needed to negotiate a strange and twisted odyssey before beginning his 20-year photojournalism career in 1988 with UPI.  After finishing High School in 1970, a four year tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam years, and college at California State University, Humboldt, Chris would once again work with his father, who at this time was successful in commercial photography after leaving the newspaper business in 1968 during a crippling labor dispute.

Chris Martinez is a minimalist, these days using only one 35mm SLR (Nikon of course), rarely using artificial light, and only occasionally carries a tripod, although one is never far.  Many of the images here, and in his collection at, never saw ink.  He would focus first, naturally, on the company shot.  Once certain the material needed was in the can, and if time permitted, Chris would look for opportunities to make the sort of images you see here.

Fatigued with stale editors, running with the pack, and the formula approach to photojournalism, Chris is now endeavoring in his own interests; i.e. shooting into the sun and breaking as many rules as he can afford.

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